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Partnership Opportunities

NameAmount ($ USD)
• Golden Rainbow: 1,000,000+
• Immortal Streamer: 500,000-999,999
• Radiant Perfected: 250,000-499,999
• Celestial Being: 100,000-249,999
• Eminent Guardian: 50,000-99,999
• Yellow Dragon: 10,000-49,999
• Purple Cloud: 2,500-9,999

Donor Recognition

The following general donor recognition benefits exist at specific levels:

Recognition Benefit $2,500 to
$10,000 to
$50,000 to
$100,000 to
$250,000 to
$500,000 to
and over
Donor recognized on research publications
Name listed in Legacy of Dao Donor Report
Name listed in Legacy of Dao newsletter
Name listed on Legacy of Dao donor web site
Invitation to donor recognition event
Additional mutually agreeable donor recognition benefits    
Invitation and tickets to Legacy of Dao Gala event    
Exclusive donor recognition in The Empty Vessel magazine      
Customized encomium in selected Daoist publications        
Seat on Legacy of Dao Advisory Board          
Named Fellowship Bursory            

Gift Acceptance Policies

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